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Important notes about iOS 4.2.1 unlock on iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G.No, I never got my iPhone working. I have two T-mobile SIM cards one for prepaid phone only and one for the unlimited 4G service for my smartphone. Thats why neither iPhone Dev team nor other hackers can do nothing with that and don t release unlocking tools for iPhone anymore. I think that now the whole world knows that factory unlock iPhone iOS 7 is the best method. unlock iphone 3gs ios 6 1 6 Unlock Lg : there are quite of few individuals who opt for buying an LG mobile phone and then going to unlock LG. there is a genuine reason for that as the devices are very popular among users I ahve same problem- i have iphone 3GS and after upload to IOS 5.0(9A334) modem 06.15.00. I have cydia and i did ultrasnow still i cant unlock.3GS 4.1 06.15.00 T-Mobile sim card already in and working (unlocked and jailbroken). iPhone 3GS supported carriers for unlock. iPhone 3GS can be permanently unlocked by adding the IMEI number to its producers database.Networks that can be unlocked for iPhone 3GS include: Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, AT T, EE etc. I have been using iPhone 3GS IOS 4.1 then iTune told me to upgrade it to IOS 6.

1.3 now its locked. I cant unlock it I live in Bangladesh, Asia.

What about unlock for Mobile Tel Latvia(TeliaSonera) ? iPhone 4 6.1.3. Many of iPhone users have upgraded their iPhones to the latest operating system iOS 6.1.3.But what about iOS 6.1.3 unlock? Let me show you how to unlock iPhone on iOS 6.1.3. For iPhone 3Gs, to carrier unlock your phone, I had to upgrade my phones baseband to 6.15.00 (iPad s baseband) and then using Ultrasn0w I could use the phone with any service provider in India.I wanted to upgrade that to iOS 6.0.1. So I thought I might as well use the same IMEI unlock. Baseband 06.15.00 (iPhone 3GS). Lets begin and unlock your iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 running iOS 6.

0.1.I did all the process, but I can not use T-mobile service, How can I do next? Please give me help. How to Unlock iPhone 3GS on iOS 6.1.6 using Redsn0w.How to Unlock iPhone 3GS with UltraSn0w. Jailbreak your iPhone, obviously. Open up Cydia and wait for it to reload. Part 4: Unlock iPhone 3GS iOS 6.1 Baseband 5.13.04 with ultrasn0w 1.2.8. 21. Launch Cydia from Springboard (home menu).23. Install Ultrasnow 1.2.8 and reboot your iPhone. 24. Now turn off 3G and insert your SIM card. It should pick up your mobile signal. Unlock HTC Aria: Very informative but I am pretty impressed with these guys: Unlock iPhone 5 T-Mobile.Cristian Munoz: What about iOS 7 ?? Adam Pashley: i used iphonegeeks.us to unlock my phone - its easy and free, Try it before hacking your mobile. How to Downgrade iPhone 3GS iOS 6 Baseband 5.16.07 to 5.13.04 for Unlocking. Written by Jonathan. Hello there!24. Reboot your iPhone. 25. Turn off 3G and insert your SIM card. It should pick up your mobile signal. Джейлбрейк и разлочка (анлок) Jailbreak, Unlock iPhone 3GS Данная инструкция поможет сделать отвязанный джейлбрейк и разлочку iPhone 3GS наCreate New Account. OR. Continue with Mobile Number. Login With Facebook. Home » iPhone » UltraSn0w » Unlock iPhone 3GS iOS 4.1 With Ultrasn0w.iPhone 3GS,16GB i updated to 4.1 as well as upgraded bb to 6.15.00 and now i have finally unlocked but all the networks such as vodafone,Meteor,O2,3G Ireland are working and only tesco mobilenetwork is not working Shop huge inventory of iPhone 3GS 16GB Unlocked, iPhone 3GS Unlocked 8GB, iPhone 3GS we will follow your instructions to configure the phone, we charge nothin. iphone 3gs 32gb Factory Unlocked Blk GSM ATT T-MOBILE Others. Steps for unlocking iPhone3GS iOS4.1 on Windows a Machine (not MC model phone). 1. Download redsn0w 0.9.5 beta 5 for windows here: httpyeh i been useing my iphone 4 with t-mobile unlimited text, web n 500 mins for 50 bucks no contract. i wonder could you help, i have iphone 3gs ios 5.1.1 and bb 06.15.00 unlocked with ultra snow. the phone is origianlly locked to o2, when i put a t- mobile simcard in it works fine i can send text and call. but after about 20-30 minutes of standby the phone turns off and i have. Unlock iPhone 3Gs on iOS 6.1.6 version with the untethered jailbreak and unlock tutorial, using Redsn0w, p0sixspwn and Ultrasn0w tools. iPhone 4 supported!Unlock T-Mobile USA iPhone. Unlock 6.1.6 iOS iPhones with the Official IMEI Method. Unlock HTC Aria: Very informative but I am pretty impressed with these guys: Unlock iPhone 5 T-Mobile.Cristian Munoz: What about iOS 7 ?? Adam Pashley: i used iphonegeeks.us to unlock my phone - its easy and free, Try it before hacking your mobile. Download IPhone 5 Tmobile Unlock On IOS 6 Official Verizon IPhone 5 6 0 GSM Unlocked For T Mobile AT T Fo PC Wii U PS4 PS3 Xbox One Xbox 360 With Full List Command And Cheat Files if Needed AND DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO. Unlock iPhone T mobile USA.iPhone 3GS. Up to iOS 6.2.Simply plug in your iPhone, follow a few easy steps and unlock your iPhone! Unlock HTC Aria: Very informative but I am pretty impressed with these guys: Unlock iPhone 5 T-Mobile.Cristian Munoz: What about iOS 7 ?? Adam Pashley: i used iphonegeeks.us to unlock my phone - its easy and free, Try it before hacking your mobile. 1. This will work on the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 4 on iOS 4 (aka iPhone OS 4). 2. This will work on all basebands up to 5.13.04 (check your baseband by going to Settings > General > About and looking for Modem Firmware). 3. In order to unlock the iPhone Unlock iPhone 3GS on iOS 6.0.1, Those who are looking to unlock iPhone 3 GS on the latest iOS 6.0.1 would be glad to know that ultrasn0w.Unlock Your Verizon iPhone Quickly. There are 4 major carriers in the U.S AT T, Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile. iPhone Dev-Team has just released Ultrasn0w 1.2.3 to unlock iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS on iOS 4.3.3. For those who dont know, Apple introduced a newD For the No Service problem, I suppose you have popped in a T-Mobile carrier SIM right? iPhones doesnt support T-Mobiles 3G frequency. Apple. How To Unlock iOS 6.1.3 iPhone 3GS 4 With SAM Tool.2. And there is no support for the hot swappable SIM means that if someone unlock their iPhone for the T-Mobile, and after that want to changed to a different, they should have to replicate the process for the new Sim. Lets unlock iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS running iOS 4.2.1 or 4.1 with UltraSn0w unlock. How to Unlock iPhone 3GS/3G with UltraSn0w. T-Mobile USA users please disable 3G network first. iPhone 5 Tmobile Unlock on iOS 6 - Official Verizon iPhone 5 6.0 GSM Unlocked for T-mobile ATT!NEW: How to Unlock iPhone for any carrier in the world - Duration: 4:57. Official Apple iPhone permanent factory imei unlock for iPhone 6, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4 S, 4, 3GS, 3G locked to T-Mobile USA carrier. This unlock is done in iTunes, which is the safest and most reliable way to unlock your cellular device. UltraSn0w 1.2.5 was just released with iOS 5.0.1 support in tow for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS. So, how do you make it work? Inside, youll find a brief tutorial that shows you how to verify if you qualify for an unlockStep 5: Remove your old SIM card and replace with new SIM card e.g. a T- Mobile SIM. iphone3gs unlocking ios6.1.3.Yes you can definitely unlock your ATT network locked iPhone 3GS. You can unlock it safer and easier using remote unlocking service. iPhone 3GS Untethered Jailbreak and Unlock for iOS 6.1.6 and 6.1.3 with Baseband 05.16.08. Order: Reorder. Duration: 15:50. T-Mobile Netherlands Vodafone Netherlands Vodafone New Zealand Netcom Norway Tele2 Norway Telenor Norway Claro Panama Claro Paraguay Millicom Paraguay Movistar Paraguay Globe Philippines Smart Philippines Orange Poland Play PolandATT USA iPhone 7 factory unlocked. T Mobile Unlock iPhone software tool for free on this page. Unlock your locked T Mobile iPhone device whit the bet T Mobile Unlock iPhone free metod.Here you will find how to unlock t mobile iPhone that is yours , lost or stolen. Official iPhone unlock for iPhone X, 8, 7, 6S, 6 (plus), SE, 5S, 5C, 5 by iPhoneIMEI.Net, factory unlock iPhone by whitelisting your IMEI from Apple.Network the iPhone is locked to iCloud removal service Unlock ATT iPhone Unlock T-Mobile USA iPhone Unlock Sprint iPhone Unlock Verizon The BEST iPhone 5 Case Screen Protector! Perfect Setup - Poetic Atmosphere Skinomi.iOS 11.1 Beta 4 Released! Whats New Review! If you have new iPhone 3GS that was made after 35 week of 2011 upgrading modem will not help to unlock. Important: There is no official Ultrasn0w that supports iOS 5.1.1.One installed, restart your iPhone. Disable 3G on T-Mobile USA. Youre done! Home » iPhone Unlock » Unlock iPhone 3GS iOS 6.1.3 baseband 05.16.08 Using Redsn0w and Ultrasn0w.So think twice before following steps below. This method is shown on ATT iPhone to unlock it for T-Mobile. The jailbreak guide for the iPhone 3GS on iOS 4.1 firmware was released today. Now it s time to unlock iPhone 3GS 4.1 firmware.I used this before reading the fine print and of course did unlock my phone change the AT T carrier 8.0 to carrier 8.0, but it wont work with t-mobile since the How to Unlock iPhone 3GS. Choose the current mobile network that your phone is locked to so we can help you choose the best way to unlock your phone based on price, service rating and time. Unlock your iPhone 3GS now with UltraSn0w 1.2.5 in Cydia. How To Unlock iPhone 3GS 5.1/5.0.1 For T. like a good time to unlock our iPhone 3GS for T- Mobile. updating to 5.0.1 with errors like 3194 or. How to Unlock iPhone 3GS 3G on iOS 4.2.1 / 4.1 Follow the complete step by step guide posted here to unlock your iPhone 3GS and 3G on 06.15.00 baseband, running iOS 4.2.1 or 4.1 with Ultrasn0w 1.2. So today I updated my iphone 3gs from iOS 6.0.1 to 6.1.2 thinking I had factory unlocked device, as it comes out it was somehow unlocked in other way. Because now when I insert my SIM it searches for network and after a while says no service. It really will be a good thing if you can have your iPhone Factory unlocked. To do that, We have some easy ways available which you can try is the USA T-Mobile iPhone unlock services. How To Unlock iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, 3G On iOS 6.0.1, iOS 6 With UltraSn0w Fixer [UPDATED]. October 15, 2012 By Jaden Easton-Ellett 46 Comments.Its running on baseband 05.16.07 on att and i want to know if i can make it usable for family mobile (T-mobile). NEW How To JAILBREAK iOS 10.1 10.1.1 iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, SE iPad Pro Includes Cydia. 22 Dec, 2016.Very informative but I am pretty impressed with these guys: Unlock iPhone 5 T-Mobile. updated guide how to unlock your iphone 3gs for t-mobile fix no service error on ios 6 (6. how to carrier unlock iphone att 3g 3gs 4 4s 5 5s 5c 6 6 plus 6s se 7 with apple s factory unlock. If your iPhone 3GS recently updated to iOS 5.1 then it is highly likely that youve also updated your baseband to 5.16.05. Unfortunately there s no unlocking solution available for 5.16.05 baseband. But theres a workaround which will allow you to use your iPhone 3GS again. Some of the features that iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 users enjoy include turn-by-turn navigation and 3D Flyover maps in major cities. Well now thanks to a new jailbreak tweak you can unlock full iOS 6 maps capability on a jailbroken iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS.