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Word in meaning.kotg means Keep Off The Grass. This acronym/slang usually belongs to Undefined category. Popularity. KEEP OFF the grass in the park, please. Keep on : Continue. He KEPT ON trying and succeeded in the end. Keep out : Not allow someone to enter. The police KEPT the demonstrators OUT of the building. When they mean "keep off the grass" they mean keep off another KIND of grass! Put down the joint!How the EFF does the "KEEP OFF GRASS" sign get on the grass!? Please keep off the grass! [UK: pliz kip f rs] [US: pliz kip f rs]. keep off the grass a warning not to encroach or take liberties: from the literal use as an instruction to the public in parks and other open spaces. 19th cent. Harriet Ford The Argyle Case 1912 Here here. Keeping off the Grass. Precarious classicist treading on toes.

One by one, the doors by turns opened and closed: third time lucky, this fourth college really means it, fifths gotta be it, I think Id fit the sixth one best. Keep off the grass means: No lettuce.grass means: (1) marijuana (2) to inform authority about an individuals transgression of a rule i.e. to grass someone up, to grass on someone, "you better not grass me up". 3 prep to avoid or cause to avoid (a topic). 4 intr, adv not to start the rain kept off all day. keep on vb adv.used when referring to romantic relationship, but also in a larger meaning: He hit it off with his teacher he will continue taking classes with her. View All Photos. Keep Off The Grass.Turns out that the word Pampas actually comes from an old native word meaning grassy plains. In the case of "keep off the grass", "keep" is a verb, which means "continue or cause to continue in a specified condition".KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF HER/KEEP OFF THE GRASS— In these examples objects are placed as contexts demand.

Keep Off the Grass. Ecologists focused on grasslands urge policymakers to keep forestation efforts in check.The letter, says Veldman, was meant to highlight issues that are not unique to the WRI, IUCN, or their partnership. The map, he says, just happened to be a compelling visual representation How do Keep Off The Grass signs get there? Answer After a smoke session. Answer Well, in most cases the person whose grass it is goes to the store and buys the sign. They put it on their lawn, and thats how it gets there. They say keep up with the times, keep up with the Jones Keep up with the rest of your class So I keep an open mind in this close minded world Thats always telling me to keep off the grass. Keep off the grass slang means: No lettuce. More slang meanings / definitions of No lettuce or words, sentences containing No lettuce? Lettuce (n.): A composite plant of the genus Lactuca (L. sativa), the leaves of which are used as salad. In support of this argument, a survey, carried out by the author, involving 287 Chinese and non-Chinese, demonstrated that the great majority preferred the literal translation, i.e The grass is smiling. Please walk on the path. So Keep off the grass? (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) Please keep off the grass. This is not a public thoroughfare!meaning and examples of the Phrase. The main reason to keep off the grass is the risk of soil compaction. If the soil has thawed in the upper layers of your lawn, but remains frozen below, you can quite easily compress and damage any roots and vulnerable grass between the frozen and thawed soil. Please keep off the grass. Keep off the motorway in the morning, there are always traffic jams at that time. to keep off can also mean to not talk about a particular subject. Many translated example sentences containing "keep off the grass!"Suggest as a translation of "keep off the grass!"Copy Action Bronson tarafndan albmnde sylenen Keep Off The Grass adl arknn szleri. [Sample]. All these faking motherfuckers never true to they craft My style it give you boost just like a shoe to that ass Smoke the drug, got the the Krug and in the glass Nice socks, switch foot English German - keep off the grass! Rasen betreten verboten!, Das Betreten des Rasens ist verboten!, Betreten des Rasens verboten! Keep off the Grass 3.31 Rating details. 2,001 Ratings 114 Reviews. What do you do when you are a twenty-five-year-old Yale graduate making half-a-million dollars a year as a hotshot investment banker on Wall Street? keep off the grass. Discussion in English Only started by tetraeder, Apr 19, 2013.-Mrs Duchemin is already my husbands mistress. In subtitles: Parades End part 3. I can imagine what is the meaning of this metaphor, but I want to be sure A nurse from England was on duty in the emergency department, when a punk rocker entered. This young woman had purple hair styled into a mohawk, a variety of tattoos and strange clothing. It was determined that the patient had acute appendicitis and was scheduled for immediate surgery. Theres not a single heretical sign warning you to keep off the grass. Cited from Brann The Iconoclast, William Cowper Brann. But probably he will require nothing but the observance of the convention in question Sign Meaning Keep off the Grass with a Foot Overstepping thePlease Keep Off The Grass. Thursdays historic UK election, explained - Vox British Voters Go To The Polls In The 2017 General Election. Ways And Means. Todd Snider.Keep your nose clean, keep your head above water. Keep your feet on the ground, your hands off my daughter.So I keep an open mind its a close-minded world, Always telling me to keep off the grass. Keep off the Grass April 2014. That sounds a little rough though hey? God institutes a law that no one can keep and then punishes them just to make a point. But therein lies our problemwe have missed the point. There was a sign on the lawn at a drug re-hab center that said Keep off the GrassIf Regrowth is too hard on your computer (or if you just dont like the grass so thick and tall), you can keep the trees while easing off on the thickness of the grass. I keep up with the rest of your class. So I keep an open mind and this close-minded world Keeps on telling me to keep off this grass. Hey, keep your nose clean, your head above water. Keep Off The Grass! What really gets me down is like the continuous passage of existence in which events pass from a state of potentiality in the Future through the Present to a state of finality in the Past. Know wot I mean? What does Lay off the grass mean?layogenic meaning and definition. Tagalog (Filipino)1. A person who appears attractive from a distance, but not up close. English Turkish online dictionary Tureng, translate words and terms with different pronunciation options. keep off the grass imlere basma.Meanings of "keep off the grass" in Turkish English Dictionary : 2 result(s). Keep Off the Grass! Scientists and researchers working with animals in Africa have long since realised that people and animals need to be able to live side by side in order to make a world that all creatures can live in. Keep Off the Grass is a musical revue with sketches by Mort Lewis, Parke Levy, Alan Lipscott, S. Jay Kaufman, and Panama Frank, lyrics by Al Dubin and Howard Dietz, and music by Jimmy McHugh. The choreography was by George Balanchine. Keep Off the Grass is a musical revue with sketches by Mort Lewis, Parke Levy, Alan Lipscott, S. Jay Kaufman, and Panama Frank, lyrics by Al Dubin and Howard Dietz, and music by Jimmy McHugh. The choreography was by George Balanchine. Meaning of "grass".2. land covered with grass: damuhan. » synonyms and related words: green. n. the color of grass: berde, lunti, luntian. hay.

n. Keep Off the Grass is a musical revue with sketches by Mort Lewis Parke Levy Alan Lipscott S. Jay Kaufman and Panama Frank lyrics by Al Dubin and Howard Dietz and music by Jimmy McHugh. Keep off the grass? Cannabis, cognition and addiction. Curran HV1, Freeman TP1, Mokrysz C1, Lewis DA2, Morgan CJ1,3, Parsons LH4. Закрыть. Keep off the Grass. RocketJump. ЗагрузкаA man who loves grass confronts a man who doesnt. Music by Igor Nemirovsky. For our friend, Monty Oum. More awesome videos at! Keep off the grass. DAVID AARONOVITCH. Friday 3 May 1996 23:02 BST.The company believes the British climate is changing, which will mean that summer droughts become a regular occurrence. keep off the grass. English - Turkish. Remove All. "Keep off the grass.Keep off the grass is something you see a lot in public places like parks. It means dont walk or sit on on the grass. Im not sure what "keep out the grass" means. Keep Off the Grass is a scientific inquiry into the scientific effects of marijuana. Marijuana, like most drugs ingested by man, gives the user the impression that his senses are enhanced, when in fact they have been distorted and impaired. Drama, short. Director: Ib Melchior. Starring: J. Edward McKinley. An educational short film explaining the dangers of marijuana use via the story of a young man named Tom, his parents, and Toms pot-smoking friends. Running time: 0:22:00. По траве не ходить (предупреждающая надпись перед газоном) translation and definition "Keep off the grass!", Dictionary English-English online.There was no need to erect KEEP OFF THE GRASS warnings. This means I must keep off the grass - a golden rule for us all.Members forking out up to 70,000 dollars entrance fee for an exclusive resort in the west of Ireland are being told to keep off the grass on the day it hosts a lavish celebrity wedding. Please keep off the grass. Keep off the motorway in the morning, there are always traffic jams at that time. to keep off can also mean to not talk about a particular subject. Take some time to strip off those four extra layers you had on, and then freeze yourself as soon as you step out the building!What have they done to make it like this? Maybe its the focus on art history, meaning everyone in there is either aggressively good-looking or a hippy.