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OS Windows 8 Openoffice 3.4.1 I cannot open any of my saved files for the last 2 days- cannot even open the programs from the icon on the desktop.It may be simpler to just reboot the computer. If that doesnt help, maybe you can give us a little more detail about what steps youre trying and what happens at For some reason, my computer has stopped playing video files. I try and open DVDs, downloaded video files and other movies but the computer freezes.i have the same problem when i restoring i cannot open my mpg file??? This problem appeared yesterday:I cannot open any txt files. Any txt files that I creat or created before would not open. Error message:Windows cannot open the specific path, file or device. Suddenly yesterday when i started computer i see all my icon missing file extension association. All file/program has .lnk extension now. when i double click on any file it pop up window saying "windows cannot open this file. I made CD copies of all the files on my work computer when I left the job. One CD is fine. On the other, I can see all my drectories, folders and files with Windows Explorer, but I cant open any of them --not image files, not word files, not excel files, nothing. Still cannot open any file in downloads. Now what?Right clicked "open folder" and nothing happened.

What is missing on my computer? Running Firefox on Windows 7. dhague1 1 solutions 3 answers. Actually from nothing is opening from Run, a dialog opens saying windows cannot open this file and asks for web help which it does not take or to choose program from a list for every program I try to run.My computer cant open apps. Vista cant open any program. Lately, I have not been able to open My music, My documents, My Computer, etc. Every time i try to open one of these folders or files my Start menu, toolbar, all my icons completly dissapear for about 6 seconds, they then reappear. I cannot open any programs or .exe files on my computer without a box appearing stating that WINDOWS CANNOT OPEN THIS FILE. It says that it is empty so I cant open any files inside also while copying it gave the name of a weird file(I am sure it was not on my usb when it was working properly) with some garbage text and saidNot open for further replies. Similar Topics. Maxtor basic hard drive cannot be seen by my computer. Summary. Article Name. Windows cannot open this file. Description.It cant even open the regedit either my computer must have BIG issues I even tried this in safe mode any other help please?? Best thing about this new service is that you are never placed on hold and get to talk to real repairmen in the US.

the service is completely free and covers almost anything you can think of.(from cars to computers, handyman, and even drones) click here to download the app So this all points to a problem related to Acrobat not recognizing the computers drive mapping --- but this problem does not exist on any other workstation on the network (all Win8 virtual machines using Acrobat Pro X). But I cannot figureI can open any other file on that drive with any other program. What happens if you just open File Explorer and click on the card? That is, to show all and any fileslaptop it is the newest one that I own and I have all of my files on this computer backed up online.see and copy them to the PC via several methods, the PC cannot see and cannot copy these videos. Euask > Computer Internet.Cannot open any of my files or programs or anything. Constantly getting an error message. and it says my copy of windows is not genuine. Cannot open SQLBrowser service on computer.Cannot open Excel File from VB2005. Management service in IIS is missing (win7). Windows Services - problem with operating system. It may be necessary to disable any firewire software on your computer or server". I followed this instruction and diabled my firewire and antivirus program and still no luck.Country: USA. Re: Cannot open any files in Version 10. heya my best friend has a virus on his computer, which means that he cannot open my documents,my pictures, myDo not make any changes or click "Fix checked" until we check the log, as some of the files are legit and vital to your computers health. HOW TO: Start Your Computer by Using the Last Known Good Configuration Feature in Windows XP httpDid you try doing system restore ? When you say cannot open .exe file , are you not able to run any program or install using any setup(.exe) file.I did file checker, and it came up with nothing. Solvedi cant open any folder or file even the my computer icon Forum.I cant open any newly downloaded mp3 files Forum. Open files that says cant open Forum. More resources. In this Video tutorial we will learn how to [solved] problem of cannot open service on computer . in c.How to stop, disable, start, enable Windows services with a batch file - Продолжительность: 11:36 LeBadman 31 230 просмотров. Forums. Computer Help. Picture files (JPEG) issue, cannot open files.Youll find discussions about fixing problems with computer hardware, computer software, Windows, viruses, security, as well as networks and the Internet. In a nutshell, I cant open "This PC" or any other folder that is on my desktop. File Explorer wont function either.Computer Type: PC/Desktop System Manufacturer/Model Number: HP e9220y OS: Windows 10 CPU: AMD Quad MotherboardI cannot open folders in OneDrive in General Support. The specified file does not contain a valid ArcMap document" I know they are not corrupted files because co-workers can open these maps from their workstations.I logged onto a co-workers computer and was able to open maps. Im unable to open any programs besides Internet explorer.If youre lucky, it might actually fix your problem, but always said it cannot repair the PC for2. Boot the computer using the Windows DVD or USB flash drive, make Open any other file : "The directory name is invalid." Open with other program than Windows one also mention permission issue.Please note I can access properly all files of that network from other computers using W10 W7 so its definitely linked to this setup. I cannot open .mscz files on my Samsung Galaxy S Advance running Android 2.3.6 either from Dropbox or from the SD card using ES File Explorer. The same files open fine when downloaded from But I have all permissions for these files, and I can read from them and open within VS. Also these are projects I have done no work for, just created new project and build.Some notes: new install of vs2015, not by me. do not have admin on computer. The title of the error message always end with (file name) .exe Application error.

As I cannot open programs I really dont know how to fix this problem. I am assuming I have a virus or spyware that is stopping my computer from running properly. I have just switched to Win 7 64 Bit and I cannot open any of my chm files, created for the help text of a desktop application we develop.If you trust all the computers on your LAN or intranet (and the people using them), you can lower the restrictions on the Local Intranet zone to allow CHM files to be Probably your system affected with virus.just scan pc with mcaffe n delete all virusesif not works reinstall os. -Please note: Dont just attempt to open any file you find on your computer.This should allow you to open most file extensions and prevent your exposure to the "Windows cannot open this file" dialog box. Do you have the PowerPoint program on your computer or just the PPT reader? Perhaps the wrong program is being used to try to open the files.But in the title you said that you cannot open ANY pptx files you download. I cannot click My Computer icon "actually, the name has changed to (folder) instead of My Computer". Whenever I try to open a file or a link, the same message appears "Windows cannot open this file" with the file name beneath it. Cannot open any program (executable files) on my Computer.Compiled HTMl help file cannot open in my computer. solved Cannot Open Ports for Remote Desktop. solved Windows 10 - save dialogue opens on other computer when saving file. I am transferring files from an older computer with Appleworks 6. I burned them to a disk using disk utility.I have tried opening Pages and then going to the File-Open route and clicking on the file on the disk to open the files. Solved: When I try to access any of my dropbox files I get the following error message "the object invoked has disconnected from its - 218017.I didnt try that, but after a little more trouble shooting, I discovered that any jpeg file on the computer would not open. Its working now. -access-localhost-and-cannot-share-folder. I removed all the hidden network adapters in device manager, rebooted, and it started working again. Im trying to drag some files from OS X to Windows XP running in Fusion v1.0, but it gives me this error: Cannot open file on virtual machine. Having loaded it I now cannot open any .pdf file in my computer or on email. Wallabykangaroo wrote: I gave up loading then scouring out Adobe products each time it told me Flash Player was loaded but was nowhere to be found on my system. Viet - Network Tech : So you cannot open any program/file? Viet - Network Tech : Is there any error message? Customer: I can open any program and fileI just cant double click on it to open it. For instancewhen I turn my computer on and Firefox icon comes up on my desktop. 1. I turned on my computer, and logged in. 2. I tried to open Firefox.I couldnt install CCeaner, ATF Cleaner, or MalwareBytes Anti-Malware, or SUPERAntiSpyware due to the fact I cant open any files. My computer has been working fine until last night. Now, anytime I click on a shortcut, or try to open any program, i get this error : This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Hello, Since yesterday, I cant open any folder on my computer - when I click my computer - nothing happens or any other folder.General Discussion. Cannot open folder or continue task because file or folder is open? I cannot open "Computer". However, my other (standard non administrator) account is still working fine as regards opening folders.That opens a window and I can type caja: but should I "Run", "Run with file" or "Run in Terminal"? I cannot open any files on my computer.I can however find program files using the search bar in the start menu, but when I try to open them I get a message saying something along the lines of "Windows cannot access the specific device, path, or file. But I have all permissions for these files, and I can read from them and open within VS. Alsodo not have admin on computerdid not install VS 2015 Update 3 (because of no admin access) The computer is fast even after it failed, I can get on web, open pdf files download from the web on the internet. I just cannot open anything on the desktop. The steps I did: 1) I tap the F12 key upon starting up and got into the diagnostic mode. I cannot open any attachments for about a week now. Before this everything was fine, computer working well and fast.HI Diane - .doc.jpggifwmv and others cannot be opened. I get a message: "This file cannot be previewed. I cannot open any programs or .exe files on my computer without a box appearing stating that.To open this file windows needs to know what programs you want to use to open it etc etc.