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Over 300,000 English translations of Italian words and phrases.At this moment, the Italian - English Dictionary has a number of 207,071 words in italian as well as 60,354 translations of usual and less usual expressions, being, at the same time, fast and easy to use. Italian.Album: This Is Spinal Tap. When there was darkness and the void was king and ruled the elements, When there was silence and the hush was almost deafening Out of the emptiness Salvation, rhythm and light and sound, Twas the rock and roll creation Twas a terrible big bang Twas the English-Spanish Spanish-English English-Italian Italian-English English-French French-English English definition English synonyms Espaol-Franaisspinal tap. [links]. One or more forum threads is an exact match of your searched term.See Google Translates machine translation of spinal tap. Online translators. Traduci is the italian word to say translate.Professional translation services available for people who need Italian translators to help them to reach out and communicate efficiently. italian. Target language. english. Translations.

prickle, plug, bone, spine, thorn. Additional translations. plug, thorn, spine, tap, pin. Spinal Tap > Spinal Tap. Buy from eBay more >>marktheviktor. March 9th, 2009. Also known as This Is Spinal Tap and Smell the Glove. Identifiers: Matrix / Runout: 817. The Italian translation specialists in medicine, pharmaceuticals, law, science, finance. Also providing services in Spanish and Japanese. High quality at excellent prices. Italian Italiano. Translation - Traduzione. Translate a simple phrase: its only a basic help which needs to correct the result.

Type a short text (up to 150 words) select a translator We offer a number of Italian translation services, including document translation, website translation, and video game translation. Additionally, we can also translate Italian into over 200 other languages. Open the Translate app . Tap the top-left Down arrow tap the language youre translating.To add spaces between entries, tap Space . To delete letters, tap Backspace . To undo typing, tap Undo . When youre done, tap Translate . Spinal Tap - Stonehenge - Продолжительность: 2:48 Snagamir 630 203 просмотра.Spinal Tap - Cant find stage - Продолжительность: 2:14 Lynn Collin 149 608 просмотров. Please rate the definition of "tap" which is the most useful for you. We have found the following latin words and translations for "tap": English.Powered by translate-latin.com. Embed this dictionary on your own site: Click here to get the necessary HTML code. Define spinal tap. spinal tap synonyms, spinal tap pronunciation, spinal tap translation, English dictionary definition of spinal tap. Noun 1. spinal tap - removal by centesis of fluid from the subarachnoid space of the lumbar region of the spinal cord for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes No translations available. Add Translation. Choose translation. Spinal Tap America . We came like babies From our home across the sea to see America And the people opened up their arms. spinal tap (plural spinal taps). (medicine, colloquial) Lumbar puncture (LP). Български (Bulgarian) etina (Czech) Dansk (Danish) Nederlands (Dutch) Suomi (Finnish) Franais (French) Deutsch (German) (Greek) Magyar (Hungarian) Italiano (Italian) (Japanese) (Korean) Norsk (Norwegian) Polski(Ukrainian) Help us translate Steam. Spinal Tap. Start translating to: Select language Albanian Arabic Armenian Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Traditional) Croatian Czech Danish Dutch Estonian Finnish French German Greek Hebrew Hungarian Indonesian Italian Japanese Korean Latvian Mongolian (Cyrillic)(Sadly Spinal Tap isnt an option). Indonesian. Italian.Best known for their 1984 rockumentary "This Is Spinal Tap", directed by Marty Di Bergi (who, rumour has it, is really the well known film maker Rob Reiner!). Free Online English to Italian Online Translation Service. The English to Italian translator can translate text, words and phrases into over 100 languages. What is a spinal tap? Here are some definitions.Select Option Another word for Opposite of Meaning of Rhymes with Sentences with Find word forms Pronounce Translate from English Translate to English Words With Friends Scrabble Words starting with Words ending with Words containing Translate SPINAL TAP - STONEHENGE lyrics to: - Select - English Arabic Bulgarian Chinese Danish Dutch Finnish French German Greek Hebrew Indonesian Italian Japanese Korean Norwegian Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Spanish Swedish Turkish. Spinal tap Definition from Language, Idioms Slang Dictionaries Glossaries.Translate Spinal tap in Italian.English Estonian Fijian Filipino Finnish French German Greek Haitian Creole Hebrew Hindi Hmong Daw Hungarian Indonesian Italian Japanese Klingon Klingon (plqaD)Sorry, something went wrong. Try entering your text again or 0 use Bing Translator 1.

Thats too much text to translate at once. The Italian Translator App: A Language Learners Savior. Have you ever found yourself wanting to say something but not knowing which Italian words to use?You can search for virtually any word and have it translated into either language at the tap of the screen. English Turkish online dictionary Tureng, translate words and terms with different pronunciation options.Meanings of "spinal tap" in Turkish English Dictionary : 1 result(s). Category. Example sentences with "Это — Spinal Tap", translation memory.Showing page 1. Found 0 sentences matching phrase "Это — Spinal Tap".Found in 0 ms. Translation memories are created by human, but computer aligned, which might cause mistakes. Italian. Portuguese. German.EN DA English Danish translations for Spinal Tap. Search term Spinal Tap has one result. Jump to. Deutsch English Espaol Franais Italiano . More Images.Spinal Tap (12", W/Lbl). Generations. GEN 020. How to say SPINAL TAP in other languages? See comprehensive translations to 40 different langugues on Definitions.net!"SPINAL TAP translations." Definitions.net. STANDS4 LLC, 2017. Web. Spinal tap definition: a lumbar puncture , a procedure whereby a sample of spinal fluid is taken | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.Definition of spinal tap. Word Frequency. Italian Japanese Kabyle Karachay Kazakh Khmer Klingon Komi Korean Kumyk Kurdish Kyrgyz Ladino Latin Latvian Lingala Lithuanian Lojban Luxembourgish Macedonian Malay Manchu Mori Mari Maya Moksha Mongolian Mycenaean Nahuatl Nogai Northern SamiSpinal tap. Interpretation Translation. Translation of Stonehenge by Spinal Tap from English to French.Role: Moderator. Contribution: 9009 translations, thanked 18591 times, solved 2020 requests, helped 482 members, transcribed 11 songs, added 35 idioms, explained 14 idioms, left 3023 comments. Cmo tas esfrutando de la to esperiencia con Tap Translate?Therere two major changes: 1. Add-on now available for desktop Firefox. 2. Translation button has been moved from context menu to the top-right corner of the page. sensagent. Free online translation of SPINAL TAP.Dutch English Estonian Finnish French German Greek Hebrew Hindi Hungarian Icelandic Indonesian Italian Japanese Korean Latvian Lithuanian Malagasy Norwegian Persian Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Serbian Slovak Slovenian Our Italian translation team translate all types of documents, such as legal, marketing, technical, employee handbooks and more. Our Italian translation experts work with clients from all various sectors such as Manufacturing, IT, Government, Public Sector and Financial. Yandex.Translate is a mobile and web service that translates words, phrases, whole texts, and entire websites from English into Italian.In site translation mode, Yandex.Translate will translate the entire text content of the site at the URL you provide. Recent Examples of spinal tap from the Web. The main problem is that measuring this type of pressure requires an invasive procedure, such as a spinal tap or drilling a hole in ones skull, which cannot safely be done in space. Translation for spinal tap in the free English-Portuguese dictionary and many other Portuguese translations.English Italian English Italian. Italian Japanese Kabyle Karachay Kazakh Khmer Klingon Komi Korean Kumyk Kurdish Kyrgyz Ladino Latin Latvian Lingala Lithuanian Lojban Luxembourgish Macedonian Malay Manchu Mori Mari Maya Moksha Mongolian Mycenaean Nahuatl Nogai Northern SamiInterpretation Translation. spinal tap. spinal tap. noun (US) MED polladh lumbach. Arabic German English Spanish French Hebrew Italian Japanese Dutch Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian.Translation of "spinal tap" in Romanian. Home ->Dictionaries ->English/English ->Translate spinal tap.Related Definitions for "spinal tap": removal by centesis of fluid from the subarachnoid space of the lumbar region of the spinal cord for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes1. italian word for taps and taps translate , translation from english to italian www.englishdictionaryonline.org.Versione Inglese. English to Italian Italian to English. Find a translation for this quote in other languages: Select another languageUse the citation below to add this quote to your bibliography: Style:MLA Chicago APA. "This Is Spinal Tap Quotes." Spinal Tap (stylized as Spnal Tap, with a dotless letter i and a metal umlaut over the n) is a parody band spoofing the style of rock heavy metal groups. The band first appeared on a 1979 ABC TV sketch comedy pilot called The T.V. Show, starring Rob Reiner. Free Italian translation. The Italian translator can translate text, words and phrases from and to Spanish, French, English, German, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean and Ukrainian languages. Assista Spinal Tap On: Stonehenge 2 de Spinal Tap online na Vevo.com.Watch Party. Deutsch English (US) English (UK) Espaol (ES) Espaol (MX) Franais Italiano Nederlands Polski Portugus (BR). Translations for spinal tap. From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary. LumbalpunktionGerman. selkydinpunktio, spinal tapFinnish.Get even more translations for spinal tap ». Translation. Easy and quick Italian translator. Need a Italian translator for your next customer presentation? Want a free Italian translation for your Italian class?You can also use the Italian translator to translate Web pages as you surf the Web in Italian or any other language of your choice. Synonyms for spinal tap and translation of spinal tap to 25 languages.70 millions of speakers. it. Translator English - Italian. 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