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android, django, windows, xml, algorithm.Android ImageView scaleType. I have an image to be used a background in activity: I want this image to fit screen by its height. Below are the listed scaleType configuration properties supported.To set the bounds of the ImageView to the height of the image inside, use android:adjustViewBounds"true in your XML. Android/ImageView scaleType 2012.07.19 17:43. Android SeekBar ImageView Scale . seekbarmain."wrapcontent". android:scaleType"matrix". How to set an image to ImageView in XML.How to use ImageButton different image - Circle shape in XML drawable file. How to change EditText bottom border color in Android. The image matrix can be set using ImageView.setImageMatrix( From XML, use this syntax: android:scaleType"matrix". ImageView scaleType. Android.When I change size of container (LinearLayout for example) my ImageView change image size but border of view remained the same(2).

My ImageView code in xml ImageView. android:src"drawable/sample1". android:background"66FFFFFF". android:scaleType"centerInside".Here is a short list of links related to this Android imageview1.

xml source code file ImageView have scaleType attribute which works only for the Image that is set to it as source to display. i.e. as if it were TextView then Text is its source.2) You need to just redesign your XML, like below sample.