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However, I also bought a third party DisplayPort to DVI-D integrated cable and I have no video output from the controller with this cable. If I use the cable with my laptop it works fine. Does anyone have any ideas or troubleshooting tips? Active adapters (at least for DisplayPort-to-HDMI) dont seem to work, so I would be suspicious of using active DVI-to-HDMI adapters. As far as I could tell, using the DVI adapter did not result in any sort of quality reduction. The Thunderbolt port is fully compatible with this adapter. Mini DisplayPort to DVI.Extend or mirror your desktop onto a secondary display to advance your workspace. Increase your productivity and multitasking at work and at home with an extended workspace. With many new graphics cards, unless at least one of your monitors has DisplayPort support or is connected using VGA, an active DisplayPort to DVI adapter is needed in order to get a picture on more than two digitally connected monitors at the same time. So i bought the samsung 2233RZ already. but i am still looking for an adapter ( DisplayPort to DVI-D).The 2233RZ did work with the 3D vision glasses on my desktop. But that is not my gaming machine (its my wifes YOVILLE gaming machine hahahaha). Throughout our years working on editorial content, weve had to learn about all the pros and cons of different interface versioning and cable standards.First of all, heres a table we put together -- its split into different types of display connections (DVI Dual-Link vs. HDMI vs. DisplayPort), internal Highlights Displayport Male to DVI-D Male, 10ft Molded ends 1080p Resolution. Applications Allows a DVI monitor to be connected to a computer with DisplayPort video connection Note: Does not work in reverse. Even so, the great disadvantages of DVI are the lack of support for YCbCr and audio.Both HDMI and Displayport are meant to work complementary to each other, and not against one another.

You dont have to choose HDMI is meant for consumer displays and Displayport is meant for better The mini displayport to HDMI adapter works properly when connected directly to the Surface, so the adapter itself is fine.I have tried using a straight mini displayport to DVI cable and the issue remains. This converter is an ideal solution schools, conference rooms, or other work spaces when upgrading to a new monitor or projector.The DVI to DisplayPort converter pulls power from the DVI-D port bus power. So I tried several restarts until I finally change ports, HDMI and DVI works great but when I use DisplayPort, I get no signal. I checked Nvidia Experience and saw an update (320.49 Beta), thinking maybe I need to update to that driver to fix it but it was working well with 314.22 and 320.

18 drivers. While FreeSync can work with both HDMI and DP (v1.2a), Nvidia exclusively requires the DisplayPort connector.Just like VGA, Single-Link DVI is limited to 19201200 at 60Hz. If youre looking to connect a computer to a TV or monitor, your choices are HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, and VGA. Whats the best connection?Any cable capable of a specific resolution is either going to work over a certain distance, or not work. Ive had cause to use a mini-DisplayPort to DVI cable and it worked just fine. You probably know this but Ill point out that DVI doesnt carry audio (DisplayPort and HDMI can). BTW, I high recommend Monoprice for cables excellent quality and superb prices. Requires separate DVI cable. Package Includes: Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter.Customer Reviews. Rated 5 out of 5 by Flav106 from works as expected Works well with Microsoft Surface Book port replicator and Dell monitor where other products did not. The DVI to VGA monitor was a dell 5:4 monitor and the displayport and DP to HDMI was on an LG 29um67. I tried to swap out the 7570 for a GTX 650, and it worked with HDMi and VGA, both direct connections. Some cookies are essential to ensure our website works for you. You may block or delete all cookies from this site but parts of the site may not work.Discontinued - DVI to DisplayPort Adapter Converter with Audio - 1920x1200. When using passive adapters, you are not "converting" DVI signals into HDMI signals. Passive adapters work because the video ports on graphics cards have the ability to output multiple types of signals. For example a DisplayPort port doesnt have to send DisplayPort signals. I have a PNY NVIDIA Quadro FX 580 graphics card with 1x DVI and 2x DisplayPorts. The DVI port works fine with both my Viewsonic monitors but I cannot get either of the DPs to work using the supplied DP to DVI adapter Turns out that both of my displays ports are DVI-D and that the cables were DVI-I.I understand that it could possibly cause confusion (Why is analog not working with my display over my DVI-I cable?), but I think thats much less likely and less significant than not being able to put a DVI-I cable Third, DisplayPort is designed to work with your older technology. With simple adapters you can be backwards compatible to VGA, DVI even HDMI. I have a connection for a DVI-D and VGA on my computer. I am trying to connect dual monitors. I can connect either monitor using the DVI-D cable.So it seems to me that the VGA port (or card not sure of the proper terminology) is not working. Only works in one direction - so can only be used for DP sockets on PCs and laptops to DVI-D screens and NOT from DVI-D sockets on PCs/laptops toDisplayport to DVI-D Male To Male Cable. Our DisplayPort to DVI adapters are the perfect solution for adapting your DisplayPort computer o So I bought an adapter (DVI-D dual link male to VGA female) and it is not working. Any ideas?DisplayPort is also compatible with HDMI. In these motherboard you can only do 2 displays if you use 1 of the digital ports and the VGA. solved VGA to DVI-D TO HDMI not working. solved Which would be the best adapter for an analogue screen, HDMI-VGA, DisplayPort-VGA, or DVID-VGA?See also. solved Dvi-D to Vga adapter not working. Unlike DVI, which in the DVI-I configuration has both digital and analog pinouts, DisplayPort (and mini-DisplayPort) are purely digital.Mini-Displayport to DVI adapter not working, but Mini-Displayport to VGA and Thunderbolt work fine. I have your Displayport to DVI-D adapter and I am pluging into it a DVI-D to VGA adapter and my VGA montior gives the message no input signal detected and doesnt work. Is there a way to make this work? DVI to Mini DisplayPort Converter with attached 7-inch DVI and USB Cables Operational Manual.Question: My Mac works fine however my PC is not connecting to the monitor though your converter? hey guys i am anxious to get my 3 monitors working. i went out and bought my displayport to dvi adapter today. my monitor is vga. however i just wanted to make sure that if i hook a dvi to vga adapter onto the displayport to dvi connector that NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960. Ports: Dual Link DVI-I, HDMI 2.0, 3x DisplayPort 1.2.My DisplayPorts obviously dont work. My DVI-A only displays blue and green, the red doesnt work at all. My port for it is broken it is not my cord or adapter. I have bought a HDMI to Displayport cable on the assumption that it would just work, but it doesnt. As this is my first foray in to the displayport territory I amI think the sollution will be to buy a mini displayport to displayport cable and use that for my desktop and then use HDMI to DVI for the laptop. Our DisplayPort to DVI cable will allow you to send a high quality digital signal for optimal performance.GTX 1060 1070 1080 VGA monitr not working SOLVED FX - Продолжительность: 1:11 bar altun 42 720 просмотров. Highlights Displayport Male to DVI-D Male, 10ft Molded ends 1080p Resolution. Applications Allows a DVI monitor to be connected to a computer with DisplayPort video connection Note: Does not work in reverse. This does not work at all yet. For DCE 3.0 (RV620, RV635, RS780) and later chips (RV710, RV730, RV770, etc.) using the UNIPHY transmitters, DisplayPort sources can drive DVI sinks using the radeon driver. Most monitor DVI inputs are DVI-D because they only accept a digital signal. If it is a DVI-I input, you could certainly try it but my money is on it not working.DVI is going away so if you have a DisplayPort, thats the way to go. In fact, a standard passive Mini Displayport -> DVI adapter cant use (or see) the second link. You could check if a lower resolution works - if it does, this would indicate that the cables suffer from too much interference to carry high resolutions. Ah bleep, I have had the adapter in a box for the last few months because I couldnt get it working and forgot, its actually DisplayPort to DVI, not HDMI. I cant try with a different monitor sorry. I have used DVI on this monitor before though so I know that works. Having dug further into this the only way I could get it to work at 2560x1440 (through DVI that I need) was to buy a Dell BizLink DisplayPort to DVI-D dual link USB powered adapter which while it was another 80 does work A few hours ago I bought myself a mini displayport to DVI connector, however, Im not getting it to work.I just bought a Samsung XL2370HD monitor/tv and cant get the mini display port to DVI connection working - from my MBP or my new MBA. But this will not work for DVI to VGA converters because you are cutting the analog pins and VGA is analog.Reply. That type of converter would not be easy to make, since it requires connecting 19 small wires. An HDMI- DVI adapter costs 10-15 so it may be better to purchase one. DVI The video signal over DVI is basically the same as HDMI.For example, DVI and HDMI are generally convertible using a simple adapter. Some DisplayPort connections will also work with DVI and HDMI with an adapter, but not all. I took a HDMI<->DVI cable, connected it to the onboard HDMI port. the monitor was not detected. I tried various combinations of monitors and bios settings in vain. Under no circumstances the HDMI port drove the DVI monitor. The cable is working fine elsewhere. if DisplayPort to DVI can send audio how do i setup that s ??. ty.BUT i cant use the 3 monitors :S something about passive and active thing. so i had to go back and change again and buy a audio cable and now everything is working fine my tv the 2 monitors etc The new monitor has a DVI port and is working fine.If it is a 390X GPU then it should have a Displayport connector I would have thought, you can buy Displayport to VGA adapters so maybe try one of those instead. So if you ever try to run triple-screens in the future (e.g by putting one of the secondary monitors on a displayport-DVI adapter and leaving the big 2560x1440 on the DL-DVI port) and you cant seem to get it to work, try switching the 2560x1440 to a displayport cable. I ordered a Mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter on Amazon, and it arrived today, for my 19" secondary monitor, and Im having an issue.I plugged the same cable in to the included HDMI to DVI adapter and it works fine, so I know the DVI cable is ok, but I need the HDMI port to run my main 24" monitor. Hey all, Been reading around alot about this displayport to dvi problem with the 5870. Just bought a dsp> dvi converter adapter from startech.com, just to see if i could get the dsp> dvi working, and yes it does. it will only work if the displayport socket is marked as a DP port which will also pass throught dvi and vga signals. also your integrated graphics are normallyDec 05, 2015 Any ideas on why the Display port to DVI is not working? Supports Single-Link DVI or Dual-Link DVI with a Built in Active Protocol Converter. It also supports DisplayPort 1.

1a, HDCP Version 1.3 and DVI Version 1 standards.It would not be a hardware review if I didnt at least try to get this working on Linux. Single monitor on DisplayPort works single display on DVI port also works.Can I run dual displays using two Mini DisplayPort to DVI or Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort adapters since the computer has dual Thunderbolt ports?