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The safe mode stopped at MUP.Sys and wont go any further.Is there a way to do it through command line in Windows? I read more.mup sys safe mode stops at Unable to boot - Safe Mode stops after crcdisk.sys Free Mobile App Stops Texting While Driving - How To Fix a Computer That Always Stops at Startup How To StartYou may have .You can start Windows XP in Safe Mode to help solve startup problems. Stuck on Mup.sys (during safe mode) and stuck on Windows XPLocation: Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands. Windows XP freezes at Mup.sys in safe modeno administrator I have XP pro but I Boot stops at mup. It can also refer to a mode of operation by application software. After a hard reboot, the PC would freeze up during the Windows boot screen - and in safe mode, it freezes while loading MUP. sys is the last one, then you might have hardware issues. sys". STOP codes display on STOP error screens - the Blue Screens of Death (BSOD). Location: San Francisco, California, United States. XP Pro SP3 Reboot Loop, Safe Mode Freezes at Mup.sys - Hardware Trying to boot from the Dell Windows cd which wouldnt work because it also tried and failed to load all the drivers and didnt give me an option to do It stopped at Mup.My pc then hung and had to shut down using the power button. sys hang while booting windows XP in safe mode. sys is important How To Boot Windows Xp In Safe Mode.mup sys blue screen error fix [] System Restore In Safe Mode With Command Prompt Windows Xp.

In safe mode, it gets hung up onsystem32/Drivers/Mup.sys and asks if I want to cancel SPTD.sys. Unfortunately, I dont have the Windows discs.This article should apply: How to fix an XPWin 2000 System that freezes after loading mup.sys while booting.

In safe mode booting system hangs after loading mup.sys. System reboots continuously due to mup.sys error?However, disabling this file may stop various programs and services but you will be able to boot. Boot from windows XP CD and load recovery console. 7) Restart the computer in safe mode and it will freeze at MUP.SYS 8) Restart Windows normally, staying off-line.She has XP Home but not the CD. Click here to Register a free account now! I got error message screen with STOP 0X0000007B (0X0 , 0X00, 0X000,0X000) EROOR MSG when I Recovering Mup.sys (Windows XP). April 24, 2010 by Faisal Naik. Had this weird issue early morning when I turned on the computer. XP wont boot up. Even the safe mode did not work and the system got freezed at mup.sys file everytime. Reply - Quote - Report Abuse. Private Message - Add to Buddy List. >> Re: Windows xp freezes at mup.sys.I dont know what updates I installed. It reboots with no error just after displaying " mup.sys" on the Safe Mode screen. Windows XP Ask a question Report Reply to this topic. Hello, My machine has suddenly decided to stop booting, tried booting from safe mode (all options), but it hangs after Mup.sys. Boot stops at mup.sys ( Windows XP ) when I try to enter "Safe Mode". When a normal boot is in progres, the screen freezes and the computer restarts, with the same problem. What can be the solution? Windows XP freezes at Mup.sys in safe mode. How I resolved my mup.sys. Mup.sys hangs and other Windows lockups that freeze your system.Symptons On bootup computer asks to boot in. although safe mode. XP Boot hangs at MUP.sys. I tried to boot into safe mode, also no luck. It just freezes when the Mup.sys line shows up. I tried putting in the Windows XP disk to run chkdsk but it said there were unrecoverable problems. I know normally it is the other way around, but after some hacking in the registry on two Windows XP Home SP3 machines, they boot fine in normal mode and work without problems but when booting into Safe Mode, I get a Stop Message 0x0000007B.The last driver loaded/listed was Mup.sys. just after displaying "mup.sys" on the Safe Mode screen.6 Apr 2010 Suddenly my Windows XP cant boot mode it stops at MUP SYS Windows xp freezes up at mup.sys? when i hit safe mode it stops.boot.ini to safe mode Since then if I do go into safe mode I get stuck at Windows When i try safe-mode (that prints output) it stops at the line "mup.sys". While booting in safe mode, it hung up on agp440.sys Just wanted to report the mup.sys issue. perhaps we can do some Windows XP sniffing of a .vdi to. I tried safe mode and its stopping at mup.sys.Heres what one guy said was the solution, from here: Re: Windows xp freezes at mup.sys I had this problem as well it turned out not to be the mup.sys file that was the problem it actually loaded it was the last file in the series what actually Same problem, couldnt boot in safe mode XP sp3. The system stops, last driver loaded is mup.sys, which by the way should not be the one causing itWindows XP Home SP3 wont boot, only boots in safe mode. -Safe Mode, Normal, stops at Mup.sys --Last Known Good Config - no go --HP F10, Recovery mode to D-partition stops at blue screenis SATA drive to blame, no driver from XP? --have seen Mup.sys error after downloading Windows Updates, possibly related to video card driver --is MBR bad? --no XP Home edition. even in safe mode it stops while loading mup.sys. I tried using the recovery console and disabling mup. now it stops at serial.sys. what would the best thing to try next? Gary M, Mar 7, 2007. Windows XP freezes at Mup.sys in safe modeno administratorI went back to my working computer to search for the Mup . sys error and was Stops at mup . sys driver and freezes at Setup is Starting Report Related Solutions Boot stops at mup.sys ( win XP ).Unplug dvd drives, floppy drive or any other hard drives. AustrAlienGoogle is my friend. If windows XP wont boot and a safe mode boot hangs at mup.sys, you are not alone. Windows XP.If you boot in Safe Mode and chkdsk starts to run, the last thing you will see on the screen is mup.sys having been loaded then the chkdsk is going to run to completion. Ive tried booking into safe mode and it stops at the MUP.SYS driver. Ive tried "Last known good config" and that stops at the splash screen.Microsoft Windows XP ProfessionalReview it: (242). or 2. When booting windows XP in safe mode the last driver that shows loaded is mup.sys. Then or 3. Instead of XP freezing at mup.sys windows reboots itself repeatedly just after that driver loads. when i hit safe mode it stops at MUP>SYS i lost the Windows XP CD and n ow i need to know what i can do its a 2001 satellite 1500 Toshiba laptop. Update: but Bomber i cant even get in through safe mode. When I boot XP in Safe Mode then it stops at mup.sys file. After having re installed Windows XP I could use it only for one week. After that the problem starts to hit again. How do you stop an error in booting C Windows system32 bridge dll message from coming up in XP? OKAY heres what you do, when starting up you computer go into the boot menu before you computer begins running.How do you boot windows xp into safe mode? Start or restart your computer. Boot stops at mup.sys ( Windows XP ) when I try to enter Safe Mode. When a normal boot is in progres, the screen freezes and the computer restarts Now after 38 attempts Windows XP will not boot. When you turn it offit boots up and you get to the mup/sys error when it is loading the drivers. I have tried using the driver disk as well as the XP disk.It also suggests chosing safe mode. It does say below technical information: STOP: 0x0000007E (0XC0000005, 0XF85480BF, 0XF8994208 Restart in safe mode gave me the same error, except that I could see that the boot process failed at mup.sys. Then I tried to repair my installation by using a Windows XP installation disc so I could use the Recovery Console, but I got a BSOD and error: STOP 0X0000007E (0XC0000005, 0XF75DE0BF Windows Xp Safe Mode Boot Stops At Mup.sys? What is Okela. Okela gives you an straight answer for any question you may have. Windows hangs on MUP.SYS I have a Windows computer that wont boot, it just restarts after showing the Windows startup logo. When I go into safe mode, it hangs or stops after loading MUP.SYS.Windows XP. You reboot in Safe Mode, and the list stops at mup.sys and wont boot at all.Do a Google on mup.sys xp to see what I mean. Theres even a collective term for those suffering with it muppets.sys. Ive got a Windows XP system that wont boot. I went to power it on and it would start to boot but stop with a blank screen. I went into safe mode and it made it through toApparently, the MUP.sys is not the problem its the agp440.sys file which is (obviously) related to the video driver subsystem. I restarted in safe mode and the screen froze at the Mup.sys line and the keyboard went dead and I had to manually turn off the computer.My Windows XP install was also stopping at muy.sys. Then the Windows XP logo would appear followed by the screen going blank.To recap: System wont boot and stops booting at Mup.sys when booting in Safe Mode. So, I figured lets go ahead and do a repair installation. Windows XP freezes at Mup.sys in safe administrator passowrd. Boot from the Puppy Linux CD.Stops at mup.sys driver and freezes at Setup is. (select a way to boot. safe mode Recovering Mup.sys (Windows XP) | Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Rating:10/10httpsMy brothers computer one day, just stopped loading windows. it and found that when trying to start windows in safe mode, it stops at mup . sys This article contains information that shows you how to fix Xp Safe Mode Reboot Mup.sys. - Probably the most critical phase for Windows should be to assure that your laptop orMost Blue Screens of Death are components or driver relevant so current drivers could deal with the cause of the Stop error. In safe mode, it stops for a long time at mup.

sys, the goes on the the same result.Youll be able to ask questions about Windows XP or chat with the community and help others. Im running Windows XP Pro, and the systen boots as it should for a regular mode startup. When I try to boot into safe mode, tho, the screen shows services being started and then freezes at the last service, MUP.sys. I have a 2006 Dell Dimension E510 with XP. It has locked up frequently lately, so I guess it is getting old.Problem is that it stops booting up right after I see "Loading PBR." flash across the screen. I just get a black screen. When I try to boot in safe mode, it locks up at Mup.sys. If I try to turn on in any of the safe modes configurations, the loading stops in "Mup.sys" and the same blue screen flashes window xp doesnt start up, i tried safe mode, last known configuration, and i dont have a cd what do i do? If you are having a problem booting safemode then Windows is corrupted and will need to be repaired/re-installed. You can insert the windows xp disc and re-boot the computer. It should ask you to boot from cd-rom drive. Safe mode xp on it a year or two later from a windows xp professional cd. Freezes at Mup sys and restarts, start windows xp sp3 in safe mode Mup sys seems to load then crash and reboot, Mup sys error on new clean hdd, Windows XP.How To Stop A Process In Windows Xp It will not boot up from the XP CD,it will not boot up in safe mode. After the windows page comes know the one with the microsoft flag it goes to theTo know more about mup.sys follow the link below.