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This works if you noticed your battery not lasting as long as normal immediately after you did a software update. Also this has been seen after other big ios updates.Iphone 6 Battery Life Sucks? And the battery life has difinitely improved. PS: I have not created the thread to poke people with battery issues, just an FYI to people that not everyone is having battery issues. Peace. iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.3. Need to squeeze more battery life out of your iPhone? These 30 tips will make your iPhone last longer--now updated for iOS 10 and Apple Watch.You can set your iPhone to automatically go to sleep a feature known as Auto-Lock after a certain amount of time. iPhone battery life is always an issue even after a major iOS update, and it doesnt come up with a perfect solution in iOS 9. iPhone and iPad users are starting to complain about the battery drain after updating to iOS 9 How do you fix battery life problems after updating to iOS 11 or upgrading to iPhone 8 or iPhone X? Here are our top power-saving tips! Have you recently updated your iPhone or iPad to the latest version of iOS 11 beta?. Then you might be face battery draining bug after update to iOS 11 Beta. iOS 11 battery drain fix.Mostly this can happens when an app doesnt handle the update correctly. To fix improve iOS 11 battery life, all you Is iOS 11 draining your iPhones battery? Its been a while since iOS 11 was launched and people are still complaining about the terrible battery life of their iOS devices even after the recent 11.1 beta update. Quite a lot of users have reported that after doing this, their iPhone 5 battery has stabilized. Quick video tutorial to improve battery life of your iPhone or iPadWe send awesome update on email. Incorrect, I observed the same behaviour on an iPhone 7 (80 of design capacity). Fixed after replacing the battery.BUT my 6s started to struggle with battery life and overheats as well, then Apple claims that 10.2.1 will fix unexpected shutdowns which I did not have, but after this update the User complaints on Apples support forum, mostly regarding iPhone models, suggest that the issues regarding the battery life are being faced by users post the iOS 10.1.

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Certain users have complained that the battery life dies out after reaching 30 percent level while Once again, some iPhone owners have experienced problems with their battery life after updating to the latest firmware, in this case iOS 5.1.1. Updating over-the-air is convenient, but for some it caused battery life to be noticeably shorter despite the fixing of several bugs. How to rescue your iPhone battery after the iOS 11 update. The low battery display greeting lots of iOS 11 users.Regretting the update? Heres a few tips to maximise battery life on iOS 11. Lets take a look at the best ways to improve battery life on your iPhone .Head to Settings Privacy Location Services to update the privileges for your apps.After fine tuning these settings, you should find yourself with improved battery life with iOS 11. Problems with battery life and instability proliferate on social media and Apple support forums after the launch of iOS 11, but have persisted through three sub-pointUsers across nearly all generations of iPhones, including the iPhone 7 family from 2016 are reporting issues stemming from the update. If you are an iPhone user, you probably enjoy the look and feel of your phone and relish the productivity and fun iPhone provides towards both your business and personal life. Nevertheless, there is Iphone Battery Life Lets Fix That Right Now. Ios Battery Tips Fix Drain Issue Iphone 5s 6s Ipad Ipod Touch. Iphone Battery Problems And How To Fix Them.Iphone Battery Dying After Update. While the iPhone 5 brought with it an improvement in battery life for the iPhone range, there was still room for more, and to an extent the iPhone 5S delivered. Owners of iPhones which show short battery life will get an update from Apple "within the next few weeks", the company said onBut so far no clear reason has emerged for the problem. Developers who used the iOS 5 "seed" over the summer after it was unveiled did not report any problems with Apples latest mobile operating system update is a battery-sucking vampire. Fight back fast with these easy tips and tricks. Some users have reported that they are having battery life issues after upgrading to iOS 10.6. Fresh Restore Your iPhone. If none of the above tips seem to be improving your battery life, then it is possible that there mightPost navigation. Stuck at Update Requested Error Fix. iOS 10.0.1 Jailbreak. So to increase our battery performance we have to disable this features of automatic update and turn it to manual, so that you only update the required apps.So we have to turn off Bluetooth and WiFi after usage this will increase iPhone battery life. Apples newest software update for iPhones and iPads, iOS 7.1.1, is bringing improved battery life to the iPhone 5, according to a new report. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes of ZDNet said that he saw a dramatic change in his iPhone 5s battery life after installing the update. A simple search on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook yields thousands of posts from people complaining about iPhone battery life after updating to iOS 11. If youre having battery life problems and wondering how to fix battery drain on iPhone, weve got plenty of tips to fix battery life on iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 7. InPro-tip: iOS 11 users beware my Background App Refresh was turned back on by default after updating. It isnt a major update like iOS 9.3, but weve heard some reports of people complaining that their iPhone battery is draining faster after installing iOS 9.3.2.Our reader Aaron wrote to us to point out that battery life is draining faster on older iOS devices like iPhone 5 I found many users complained about their iPhone battery die really fast after iOS update. If you are one of them, you can try these solutions.Tips and trick to extend iPhone/iPad battery life. 1.Turn off the Automatically Update. After enjoying the powerful entertainment functions it brings to you for several hours, you found your new iPhone5 was powered off or your encountered the trouble that iPhone 5 battery drains after the iOS 6.1.3 update. Now you are wondering is there a way to manage your iPhone 5s battery life and i have an iphone 3GS thats just 10 months old, and since the iOS 4.2.1 update the battery life wouldnt last for more than 36 hours even onafter scouring the net and reading up on complicated solutions, i decided to reset the iphone and IT WORKED! here is the battery life at almost 5 days I use the portable "Power Now" charger. It is small to carry and it can give my iphone 5s 1 full charge when my battery life gets low.Ada - 17:21 20-05-2014. Ive had severe battery drain on my iphone4 after the update. I tried almost all do and donts but in vain. Fix iphone 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s poor battery life or battery drain issues after the ios7 software update. The ios 7 update can create some issues that can cause How do you fix battery life problems after updating to iOS 11 or upgrading to iPhone 8 or iPhone X? Here are our top power-saving tips! Force restart an iphone ipad how to fix iphone battery drain issues iphone 5 battery life after choose the ios version that you d like to degrade and obtain firmware reduce iphone screen brightness to increase battery life screenshot. Ios 11 Battery Life Review Should You Update With Full. By Kim Lachance Shandrow | Small Business. No one likes a dead iPhone. If you recently updated yours to iOS 7.1, you know how much of a drain Apples latest mobile update is on its battery life -- and on your patience. iOS 11 killed my battery life. Heres how I finally revived it and you can, too. We dive deep into Settings to find the battery hogs in the new operating system.An hour after upgrading to iOS 11, my iPhone 7 Plus phone was at 30.

It was 11 a.m. and I had barely used it. An hour later, another update (Updated). October 2nd, 2012, 20:15 by Chavis 165 comments.My iPhone 5 battery life has been less than stellar too, with standby at night eating through the battery a lot faster than my iPhone 4. Ill certainly give a few of these suggestions a try. Are you one of the iPhone X users who has been having a problem with their battery life after updating their phone to iOs 11? This article might just save your life or at least your battery life from draining too fast. Installing a new iOS update can hit your battery life hard. Heres how you can make things better. After a time of usage, you may find your iPhone drains easily and quickly, especially when you update to iOS 10/9.3/9.2/9/8/7, download some apps, etc. Here are some useful tips to help you improve your iPhone battery life, including iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5 S This issue can also happen to some users after updating to iOS 11/11.0.1 or on their new iPhone 8/X.Method 9: Disable Location Services to Improve Your iPhone iPad Battery Life. iDevice Battery Tips Tricks Close Location Service. The free update includes a bevy of new features, however some users have reported a hit on battery life after installing the new software.Some iPhone owners have complained about faster battery drain since upgrading to iOS 11. iOS 11 could be taking a toll on your battery life. Iphone battery life bad after installing ios 11? heres, Installing a new ios update can hit yourIos 11 draining your iphone battery life? heres 10 ways, If youre having battery life problems and wondering how to fix battery drain on iphone, weve got plenty of tips to fix battery life on iphone 5, iphone 5s Many users reported that iPhone battery drains fast after iOS 11 update, and this also happens to new iPhone X users. This post will show you how to fix battery issues on iPhone X/8/7/6s on iOS 11.Daily Tips How to Fix Bad iOS 11 Battery Life on iPhone 5s/6/6s/SE/7. Sometimes, it is observed that after an unstable iOS update, iPhones battery seems to malfunction. If you have updated your phone to an unstable version of iOS, then chances are that it might cause some problem with its battery life. And you if you updated your iPhone 5 to new firmware and now need to unlock iOS 6.0.2 you can do it with ease.Some users have reported that after updating the software they are faced with too rapid discharge of the battery of their devices. Some users have reported poor battery life from iPhones, iPads or iPod touches after the update to iOS 5. This is not surprising, with virtually every iOS release come a number of reports of dramatically reduced iPhone battery life. Many people are complaining about poor battery life after deploying the latest iOS 10.1.1 software update on their iPhone, which released for public consumption on October 31 and squashed bugs where Health data couldnt be viewed for some users. Oh no, my old iPhone is ripping through battery life at an alarming rate! Updating to a new version of iOS can be a rollercoaster of emotions.Auto-Lock shuts down your iPhone after it has been inactive for a period of time. How To: Fix the Battery Draining Issue on Your iPhone After Updating to iOS 6.1.3.How To: Get Detailed Battery Usage Stats for Individual Apps on Your iPhone. How To: Check Your iPhones Battery Life from Your Apple Watch. Some users who updated to iOS 11 have discovered their battery life on an iPhone or iPad is running down faster than usual. Experiencing rapid battery drain after iOS updates can be frustrating How do you fix battery life problems after I have both a battery case for my iPhone 7 and a battery27/10/2013 Fix iphone 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s poor battery life or battery drain issues after the ios7 software update.