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Notice the Content Editor web part added. Now click the web part, in the top right, and edit the web part.12 thoughts on Embedding your JavaScript into a SharePoint page. Dave November 10, 2015 at 10:26 am. Maybe a dumb question, but why not simply embed the js directly into a Im using Javascript inside of a SharePoint 2010 Content Editor Web Part to insert a Silverlight object. I need to do it this way instead of use a Silverlight Web Part because Silverlight Web Parts are not currently enabled. Heres how you run JavaScript on a SharePoint 2010 wiki page: 01: Content Editor Web Part. Your JavaScript has to be loaded from a Content Editor Web Part. To add, go into page edit mode, then click Insert > Web Part > Media and Content > Content Editor. SharePoint 2010 provides a Silverlight Web Part that you can. use to easily add a Silverlight application to a page in your site.jQuery and the Content Editor Web Part. jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript library that you can use inInsert a Data View Web Part or a form. Controls. 1. Edit a site page and add a content editor web part on the page. 2.

After the content editor is added to the page, it will display on the page like shown below. 3. Next, upload your html and JavaScript content as a text file to a document library inside your SharePoint site. - Disadvantages of CAML over LINQ in SharePoint 2010. Here we will see how we can insert JavaScript into a Content Editor Web Part. First open a notepad and write the JavaScript code. ie:menuitem>

Please attach the following codes to your content editor web part on SharePoint 2010.