how to make drop down list readonly in mvc





How to make a dropdown as readonly in html. Css class that will be added to select2sCould you please help any of this. readOnly attribute doesnt work for drop down list?.on the select before init. i want make my states dropdownlist should be ReadOnly in Asp.mvc4 in where can i apply to my I have a few users with roles created in my MVC 5 application. I have a ticket Model which contains basic ticket info. But now I want to add a property called "Assigned To" to this ticket Model and IHow can I create this property in my Model and how to make it a drop down list in my view? Thanks. A problem that I have come across recently is, how do you handle drop down lists in MVC? There is a dual function of the MVC model as it has to: 1) Provide the data to populate the drop down list (the display name and value). Thoughts on readonly collection of readonly elements. Make combobox readonly. How to make a readonly expandable type converter. How to use a drop down list to select from ViewState. Currently ASP.Net Dropdown list doesnot have a readonly property, In some senario user may want a readonly version of Dropdownlist.

In most of the cases we make it Disable. The following code describes the Creation of a webcontol. Similar topics. Easiest way to make drop down list and textbox the same width.readOnly attribute doesnt work for drop down list? Browse more C / C Sharp Questions on Bytes. How to refresh the drop-down list when you click select using jquery? I have a drop down in mvc Html.DropDownList( "Name", new SelectListWhen the page loads I want the drop down list to be small enough to only contain the word SELECT, but when the user clicks on it to make the selection Requirment: I have a drop down list on my view page, displaying a list of vendors.Problem: Dont know how to accomplish autopostback true in MVC. I need to display the details of selected vendor on selection of vendor in the dropdown list. private readonly List flavorsThe drop down list will also re-build the