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I am trying to remove two css properties that I added but It seems not working. Any though? Remove css property using jQuery.Dont work: (e).css(width: , height: ) (e).removeAttr(style) e.removeAttribute( style) Upda. We can set the size as maximum ones height for the both divisions. Lets begin with CSS than more to jQuery.Thats it with css. but in some browsers its not working nice sometimes its not feeling good at here. so we have another old method. you can use this too. Ive tested this code for set .css(max-height,auto) css property in JQuery but its not working, and when I set a dimension like .css(max-height,93px) its working fine, how can I set it as auto ? CSS alone that works in all current browsers.Safari 2.x doesnt brokes but itll not apply the css rule Same problem using . css("height", around. jQuery - Set the height of one DIV to another DIV . jQuery provides two ways to set width and height of any element. It doesnt work anymore (Rev 226), but height() does. Or does css(height) not exist anymore in favor of height()?I have noticed that jQuery Mobile apparently adds a style attribute with calculated min- height property to the data-role"page" element.

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thenewboston 37,991 views.How To:Equal Height Columns the easy way with jQuery - full tutorial - Duration: 5:06. Ive used Jquery to apply height to certain Divs. The height is basically set to 100 350px using this code: It does not register on page load, but does register as soon as you change the browsers window size. I have not found any conflict in the CSS. We have a list of items that are presented on our site in table style.So basically we are using jQuery to check what the CSS height of .tvguidecontents is and then using that value to set the height of .showsbartitle. jQuery animate width or height form auto to fixed size and back? I built a box/panel that collapses to the left, but so that it keeps visible with a small width.jQuery Help passing CSS class attributes to tooltip function. Long time reader, first time poster. I am working on incorporating qtip tool tips into a So the CSS on my site doesnt seem to be working, at least the updates I made. I want to create a height transition effect with the css transition property and the JQuery.css property but my applied changes arent working on my site. .blog transition: 1500ms ease-in-out !important width: 100 Im guessing there is a CSS conflict somewhere in the Wordpress theme, since jQuery seems to be working alright. Inspect element shows that on the working example, the margins and height/width areThe working implementation has v0.9.9, and the not-working is using what appears to be 0.9.8. Try this. JQuery.each(jQuery([iddrop]), function(index, value) alert( jQuery(this).css("line-height")) jQuery(this).css("line-height", "35px") alert( jQuery(this).css("line-height")) ) P line-hieght: 10px .