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Solution. You need to find that whatapps has that some permission and trying to install uninstall problems find apk file for the trying to install and restore app and using backup. Google Play Store Error Code 491. The Google play store errors can either be identified using the unique error code or the error message. We have listed both the error message and the error code which will help you find the solution for your issue quickly. Google Play Store sometimes updates itself in the background on android phones. During this time, no app can be downloaded from play store. If you keep downloading the apps during the upgrade process then google play store will return an error 927. Error 491 / Error 481: Problem: Download Updates are not possible Solution: Remove yourTurn wifi off and then turn your data on and now open your google play store and download/update your apps or games.Samsung Galaxy Note 4 How to enable One-hand Operation? If you open Google Play Store and get a pop up saying Google play error 491, this usually happens when users try to update or download an app or a game.Samsung Galaxy S9: Everything You Should Know About It. Error 491 is one of the most common errors related to the Google Play Store on Android. The error is usually triggered when the user is downloading an app or game from the Google Play Store. Error Code 491 is one of the most common problems associated with the Google Play store on Android devices.In fact, there are several ways by which you can fix the error 491, occurring when using Google Play. Error 491 for Samsung Galaxy.

Now, go back and restart your smartphone and try to download the application from Google Play Store. It must solve your Android Error 491 Google Play store. Try to clearing the cache and data of the Play Store, Play Services, Download Manager and your device. Google Play error 491.Galaxy Star Pro Galaxy Tab 2 Galaxy Tab 3 Galaxy Tab 4 Galaxy Tab S Galaxy Y GalleryNext Game of Thrones Games Gapps Gear Fit Gingerbread Google Google - Google Play Store might be the only reason, why Android OS is on the Top of every other OS in the market.But like any other app, Google Play Store has some errors, that occurs rarely but once occurred they cause panic among the users.Google Play Error 491How to Root Samsung GALAXY S4 with KingoRoot Android. Eg. Samsung Galaxy phones) > Remove Account. This will Sign you out of all Google services on your cellphone. Then just restart your cellphone.Clear the cache , force stop the google play store , or MyTechElite : How To Fix Google Play Store Errors Like 491 and 498? Rerun Google Play Store and update or install your app. Note: The Google Play Error 491 can also be caused due to the interference of thirdHow to fix "Unfortunately, System UI has stopped" error on Samsung Galaxy? Johnb374 20 February 2018 11:52 AM. This website was how do you say it? Error code 491 google play store, tried what u said did not work, now what i have an zte zpad help please.Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Galaxy S6 Galaxy S5 Galaxy S4 Galaxy S3. There are lots of Google Play store issue has been occurring on android devices with running Jellybean OS.

Here in this case its the error 491 (Google play.How to Make AR Emojis On The Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus. If you get the message saying error 491 when using the Google Play Store, this means that a download or update was impossible at that moment. But do not worry, there is a way to fix this. I disabled google play store on my galaxy s3 and when i go to manage application the play store app doesnt appear? Google playstore error code 491.Error code 491 samsung galaxy s4 mini. Samsung galaxy grand will not open google account so cannot get play store? Google play store along with being a huge App store is also a source of many Errors whichwe are going to explain the three tricks which we found were helpful in the devices which we got the error in: Galaxy Tab 2 and Galaxy S4.I do all of this tricks but i still facing 491 error in play store help me.all your synced accounts.after that, Settings > App manager > Google Play Store > delete data cookies and restart your Galaxy S4 mini I9195I.Error 20, Error 24, Error RPC:S-3,Error 103, Error 110, Error 406, Error 413, Error 481, Error 491, Error 492,Error 495, Error 497, Error 501,Error In this post, we will see the Google Play Store error 491. This error generally prevents the user from downloading or updating apps from Play Store. You can fix this error in 4 different methods and I recommend you to try the following methods in order. I just changed to MIUI Rom in my Galaxy S4 I9500 two days ago. Everything works smoothly and really nice except the Google Play Store. When Im trying to download some applications Im getting 406 error. Error 491 solution is almost same like other play store errors. First of all, you should delete unnecessary apps and files from your phone memory or SD Card.Sometimes method 1 and method 2 failed to fix error 491 of google play store. Restart your phone. Add the Google account in phone settings-accounts. Go to Play store and download and install the SuperSU app again.Thats all, in this case, the 491 error was fixed and hasnt apeared again. Errors And Solutions Section. I cant root my Samsung GALAXY S4 GT-I9507.

We highly recommend you to use CF root method. Go to up and Follow Step by step. fix Google Play Store error codes like- Error rpc:aec:0] Error 921,Error 923, error 491, Error 110,Error 505,Error 481 I updated to the latest Play Store manually. It was working fine for a day or 2 then just yesterday when attempting to update an app I got error 491. What fixed it for me was uninstalling the Play Store updates and clearing the cache and data for The Error 491 in Android Google Play Store will not let the user install or download new apps and updates. To solve this problem, first of all, we have to remove our Google Account and then re login to it. If you use a PC to log into the Google Play store and select an app, do you see your device listed as compatible, (or do you see it listed at all), on the left side.Yes, it appears as compatible on the left side. Even for updates it still gives me the error 491. This time its the error 491 (Google play store 491 error) and when this error occurs users cannot download or update apps in the Google Play store.Thanks! It worked for my Samsung Galaxy Tablet! Reply. 16. Google Play Store error 491. This error can show up during downloading, updating or installing of the applications.Samsung Galaxy S9: Rumors, Release Date, Specs and Features. Modern Dad. Google Pixel 2. Galaxy Note 8.Go to settings>apps (application manager) and tap on Google play store.I am not saying you are wrong just wondering what this series of actions does to clear the error code. How to fix Google play store error code 491. Since you found your way to this page I will go ahead and assume that you tried to open up the Play store only Since you found your way to this page I will go ahead and assume that you tried to open up the Play store only to get a Galaxy s3 update AndroidFact I just purchase the Verizon galaxy s3 from Walmart I saw online says OS kit kat I went to the store to purchase no one there didn t know what. I have a Samsung Galaxy S 7582. How do I fix this?Restart your phone. Open Google Play Store, let it sync, and you should be able to download whatever app was giving you error 491. Are getting Google Play Store error 403 on your phone today?Also read: Galaxy S3 Play Store error 403 after 4.3 update Scenario: Im wondering if you could help me solve an annoying problem I have with my Samsung Galaxy S3 play store server. Devices: Galaxy S4, Nexus 5, Redmi 1S.47.000 users use it, and it has four starts on Google Play. xdpx, 10 answers. cant install app from google play store 505 error. Error 491 is one of the most common errors related to the Google Play Store on Android. The error is usually triggered when the user is downloading an app or game from the Google Play Store. asked Jul 31, 2015 in Android by anonymous. google play store error 491 samsung galaxy s4. Your answer.Related questions. how to fix google play store error 491. Why Does Google Play Error 491 Occur? The error does not come without any reason.So, to help you know more about error 491 on Google Play Store, we would like to show you the main reasons of this issue Google Play error 491 makes it impossible for users to download, install, update apps for Android phone/tablet.No matter what the reason is, you can try to fix Google Play Store error 491 with following solutions. competitive background for cordless material. google play store error 491 galaxy s4 prints are common to have or Enjoy.2016, having the google play store error 491 galaxy s4 often new for informative Nokia instructions. Google Play Error 491: The main Problem you will experience after this error is that you cant Download or Update anything using Google Play Store, youll need to download and install these apps Manualy, using Apk files. For example, we have the Google Play Store Error 491, which appears on various handsets and makes it impossible for users to download, update or install some apps.How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S9 Using Unlock Codes. (491) when you get this error 491 in Google Play store, you cant download or update apps or games from play store.Next Fix Samsung galaxy S8 hot or warm: How to. Error 491 fixes in google play store - appslova com, fix for google play error 491 thisDownloading from play store gives error 491 - android, when i try to download anything from the play store it shows error 491 and can t finish the download i have a samsung galaxy s 7582 how do i fix this. How to Fix Google Play Store Error 491.Ajit Ray is the founder of Tricks Galaxy, a top leading tech blog dedicated for Geeks and Bloggers. You can follow me on Facebook or you can connect with me on Twitter IamAjitRay, Follow me on Google Plus. 4.Open Play store. 5.Add a google account and Voila! I have a Samsung Note 1, but it also worked on my friends S2, S3, Galaxy Note 2. Is just deleting the Access Point NameHow do I resolve Google Play error 927? I believe there is a bunch of people struggling with the error code 491 on Google Play Store.Clearing cache on samsung galaxy didnt do it but going to settings advance section, privacy then hitting menu button brougt up clear browser data. The Google Play Error 491 and 492 are common errors that dont let users install or update apps from the Android app Store.Blackberry Fix error 907 invalid COD while install Samsung Galaxy S4 Stopped Powering On Issue Other My Devices: Samsung Galaxy Apollo (Galaxy 3 i5800), Samsung Galaxy R i9103, Samsung Galaxy Note II GT-N7100, N7105, Google Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy S 4 i9500, i9505, i9505G, i9506.After solving this problem, rename the Thread name to "Solved - Error 491 Google Play store". Error code 491 google play zte zmax pro. Everytime i open my google play store it says unfortenatly your google play store has stop working. what do i. I cant access my play store on samsung galaxy s4 authentication required. it gives me an error message that i need to sign in to google account first. samsung galaxy s4 dfu mode.You can also follow these methods for other Google Market List of easy solutions to fix Google Play Store errors: error 505, error -18, error 921, error 927, error 504, error 103, Error 495, Error 492, Error 403, 491.How to fix Google play store error code 491.