Criminal Law Attorneys and the Process For Criminal Cases

A commission or omission of an act in violation of a law which forbids or commands it, is considered a crime. If there is a complaint lodged against you regarding an act which was committed or omitted, you may be arrested and prosecuted under the Criminal Law system of a particular State. If you have been charged and arrested under such circumstances, always remember that you must hire the services of a good Criminal Law attorney to help you defend yourself.

Your defense attorney will make sure that all the procedures and processes leading to your arrest were followed. This is because any deviation from the required process will work in your defense and an experienced defense attorney will examine everything to make sure your rights were not violated when you were arrested.

In Arizona criminal justice, for instance, several stages are involved, including the proceedings, beginning with the commission of the crime up to the probation process. The criminal justice begins to roll when the crime is reported to the local authorities who then begin to investigate and collect the evidence. Once there is enough evidence, they will make the necessary arrest. The arrested person is then brought to the police station, fingerprinted, photographed and temporarily detained. There are cases where the arrested individual is immediately released after data was gathered and there are also cases where the person arrested is required to post a bond to ensure their appearance in court. During this time, the presence of a defense attorney will certainly be very helpful for the arrested person.

Within twenty four hours of the arrest, the person charged with an offense is required to make an appearance before the court where the judge will establish if the evidence is sufficient to support the reasonability of the charges. Since the court appearance would already involve some legal knowledge, the defense attorney will be the one who will answer for the accused. At this point, if the accused was unable to get the services of an attorney, the judge will appoint a defense attorney to defend him in court. It is, however, a sound decision if you will instead choose and hire services of an attorney who will defend you.

In certain circumstances, the Office of the State Attorney, after it has reviewed the local authorities’ arrest procedure, may file formal charges against the person who was arrested. He will then be scheduled for arraignment proceedings and once again, the presence of a defense lawyer to represent him will be required. It will be during this time that the defense lawyer, upon conferring with his client, will enter a plea of not guilty or guilty.

Once a plea is entered, another process will take place and this time, if the plea entered is not guilty, may involve trial preparations where the defense attorney will begin to interview witnesses and would also have the chance to be apprised of the evidence against the accused. The criminal justice process ends when during the trial, the criminal defense attorney proved that the accused is not guilty and the court agreed with him. If found guilty, however, the judge will review the sentence guidelines or plea agreements, then determines what type of sentence he will impose on the accused. If there is a chance to appeal the decision, the defense lawyer will begin another tedious preparation to file the appeal to a higher court.

A Criminal Law Attorney Is a Defendant’s Best Friend

Although everyone is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, some people just refuse to think this way. In their eyes, anyone who is charged with a crime is guilty until proven innocent. This is especially true if someone is being accused of a crime such as murder or rape. Many times, when someone has been charged with these types of crimes, people automatically call for them to either be executed or spend the rest of their lives in prison. Although this may be the correct way to handle the situation in some cases, there have also been a number of times that people have been falsely accused, falsely convicted, falsely sentenced and falsely punished. The sad thing is, many times these mistakes can be attributed to people with the aforementioned mindset. The good news is, people who are being charged with criminal activity, no matter how big or small, don’t have to defend themselves alone. They can solicit the help of a criminal law attorney.

These professionals are skilled in defending and advocating for those who have been accused. Their role is extremely vital to a defendant, especially one who is being charged wrongly. There have been many reported cases of people being wrongly convicted or even wrongly executed. Being accused of something you didn’t do on a day to day basis seems bad enough. Just imagine sitting in jail or being on death row for something you honestly did not do. The sad thing is it happens all of the time. There are even people going through this type of situation right now.

Although having a criminal law attorney isn’t a 100 percent guarantee that a falsely accused person will walk away free, they will definitely have a better chance of getting a fair trial. When someone who is being accused of a harsh crime is sitting in front of a jury they are already at a disadvantage. Everyone wants to believe that the jury is 100 percent objective. However, this is difficult for anyone to truly do. Everyone has had experiences that have shaped their way of thinking. Therefore, at least one person in the jury may have a bias against the defendant, even if it’s just a slight one. So, in some cases they would have to work extra hard to convince the court that they are innocent.

Having a highly-skilled criminal law attorney by their side, will give them the best opportunity to prove their innocence and walk away free. Without them, the defendant would be putting themselves at a great disadvantage. It’s not enough to truly be innocent. However, you must also be able to prove this innocence to others.

A Federal Criminal Law Attorney Can Best Defend Those Accused Of Federal Crime

Persons accused of committing federal offenses generally face harsher punishment than those who commit state crimes. An experienced criminal law attorney who is intimately familiar with federal law is in the best position to protect the rights of those accused of committing federal crimes.

Federal offenses include those that are committed on federal property or offenses prohibited by United States federal law. Some examples of federal crimes are bank robbery, tax evasion, terrorism, murdering a government official, computer fraud, and certain forms of fraud and money laundering. Crimes that are committed by perpetrators in more than one state are also considered federal offenses.

Such crimes are investigated by federal agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation or the Homeland Security Agency instead of the state police. Persons accused of federal crimes are tried in federal court. This is different from state court and involves a complex system of laws. If convicted, persons who face federal criminal charges face long years of imprisonment, hefty fines, and other severe penalties.

Though they face serious charges, the defendants retain the right to legal representation. Those accused of committing federal crimes best benefit from enlisting the services of a defense attorney as soon as possible.

A competent criminal law attorney who is licensed to practice before federal court and is highly familiar with federal law can best defend the accused. The lawyer will explain the legal process to the client in great detail, conduct his or her own investigation and create an aggressive defensive strategy based on the facts of the case. A good defense attorney can make sure the defendant’s rights are protected at all times and work to obtain the best possible outcome for the case.